Property Information

The property at 5700 King St is a 1.74 acre lot and the home of the former Flint Elementary school, built in 1951.  In 1995, the school was closed and merged with Bluejacket Elementary school to form a brand new school named Bluejacket-Flint elementary.  

In 1998 the property was purchased by Vic Regnier and became the home of Wonderscope Children's Museum, a beautiful place for children to play, learn, and explore.  Unfortunately Wonderscope's leaders made the decision to remove the only interactive, hands on children's museum in our area, ripping it away from the children of Johnson county.  Wonderscope's announcement of their decision to move to the Red Bridge shopping center area was a devastating blow to the children in our community.  

Present day finds us at our current situation: the property is no longer needed for the museum and is for sale.  According to the City of Shawnee, KS official zoning map, the property is zoned for R-1, Single Family Residential.  Source:

From the Shawnee, KS City Codes:

17.20.010 - Statement of Intent

The intent of the R-1 (Single-Family Residential) zoning district is to provide for standard low-density residential developments and other compatible uses in areas where adequate public services exist for such development and such development is appropriate given the surrounding land uses and neighborhood.


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