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The most important thing you can do right now is to talk to your neighbors.  Inform them of the plans and direct them to this website.  A grass roots effort is the only way to consolidate our voices and let our city leaders know that we will not allow our quiet neighborhood to be taken over against our wishes.  Email your city council members and your mayor!  They need to understand how devastating this project would be to our neighborhood.  

While you can contact each of your City Council representatives directly, you can also send one email to the entire City Council, city staff, and Mayor.  Please let them know your concerns and that you do NOT support a massive apartment complex in our small, quiet residential neighborhood.  Be sure to mention the plans the developer has to take over the city lot that YOU own and pay to maintain!  If you support a Farmer's Market in that location, please tell them!  They were elected to represent YOU and YOUR interests.  The email is:

Mayor Michelle Distler


Matt Zimmerman-Ward 1


Tammy Thomas-Ward 1


Eric Jenkins-Ward 2


Dr. Mike Kemmling-Ward 2


Lisa Larson-Bunnell-Ward 3


Kurt Knappen-Ward 3


Lindsey Constance-Ward 4


Jill Chalfie-Ward 4


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